Monday, February 22, 2010

My Life's A Movie, Call Me Martin Scorsese.

Question #1
Does the party ever end?

A) On some days.

B) A party never started.

C) I wake up every morning partying.

My final answer is C! Now, let’s clarify the definition of “party”; it’s not always necessarily boozing and getting all crazy. in my book I believe it means being happy everyday, having fun in everything you do; i.e. cooking, getting ready for your day, making plans with your friends, and let’s be honest, even some classes are kind of fun to attend. “partying” is not waking up on the wrong side of the bed. “partying” is not being in a bad mood and taking it out on others. “partying” is loving your life style; if you don’t love your life style then you need to go to a different party! You’re all always invited to mine.

On Thursday I made my way back down to south Florida, this time with Ms. Maria and Ms. Jenna to their hometown of Vero Beach.

We had an absolute ball! Thursday night Jenna’s dad barbequed some tasty chicken and grilled veggies for us to fill up on before heading out to Joey’s. I’ve been to Vero once before and this bar was definitely a couple steps above the rest I had been to before. We danced all over the place and I met loads of new people. I always love going to the hometowns of my friends because it’s a whole new city they can show you around in a non-tourist way. Friday afternoon Jenna and I made our way to AY! Jalisco Mexican for some lunch and margaritas – yum! You can never go wrong with a hot burrito and a salty marg to get your day started.

After driving around town and seeing some of the town and a few local 'Vero Beachers' we had a delicious pasta dinner cooked by a friend of Jenna. Before long we dressed up and made it out to Joey’s once again – the Vero hot spot. Everyone I met was just so nice and welcoming; so we all had merry drinks and tore up the dance floor. Only negative of Friday – iPhone crashed. So it’ll be about a week before I can get a new one; not having a phone on me is equivalent to the feeling of getting dressed and forgetting to put on a bra. Either way, I can’t wait to go back!

Saturday afternoon my Aunt Ellen and cousin David picked me up from Vero Beach; we were on our way to Miami but we made a rest stop in West Palm Beach to meet our hotel reservations. Aunt Ellen wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday, so after getting dressed and ready to go out we walked and drove all around West Palm trying to find a nice place to eat that wasn’t a Chili’s or Outback Steakhouse. We wanted something a little more original, and we found it! BuonGiorno Italian Restaurant. Wow, wow, and wow! If you are heading south, this place is a MUST to stop and grab a bite to eat; it was the most authentic Italian food I had eaten since being in Italy. Needless to say, we were seriously stuffed! Anytime I make the drive down south, I’m certainly stopping here, and you should too! Don’t forget to eat the garlic bread rolls; baked to order (I’m drooling as I type this).

Arriving back at our hotel that night, David and I realized there was a wedding reception out at the pool. So, wedding party + not so private reception area = perfect wedding crashing scenario. And that we did! David and I headed down to the pool, acted casual and calmly walked around the party drinking water out of cocktail glasses so it looked like we had already hit up the bar. We were able to avoid the bride and groom but the other guest were a bit more troublesome to avoid. Fortunately, no one asked who we were there for, only how we enjoyed the ceremony and what we thought of the reception. Being that I’ve never ‘wedding crashed’ before, it was quite exhilarating. We made our way to the dance floor and did a little Cupid Shuffle along with the Macarena. Being that were so many people there having such a great time that at that point no cared anymore where we from or who we were there for, they only loved that they had a dance partner for the night. So watch out – you might see us at your next wedding.

Waking up Sunday morning was rough; our legs hurt from dancing so much and our throats hurt from talking, laughing and staying up too late. After checking out of the hotel, we hopped in the car and made our way down to Sabrina’s baby shower! Okay, this shower was THE baby shower of all baby showers! All my aunts and cousins did a marvelous job putting together this party. It wasn’t your typical quiet shower where you sit in the living room and watch the mommy-to-be open her gifts, no, this was a party!

Brunch food, consisting of tuna salad, potato salad, croissants, bagels, pasta salad, fruit, and cheese was catered.

Plenty of Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, mint tea, and iced tea were all served.

Comfortable seating under the beautiful 85 degree Miami sun.

We played games such as: quickest diaper change, quickest feeding of baby food to your partner, and my favorite -- beer chugging from a baby bottle. My cousin, Max, and I won the baby bottle beer chug, and my mom was very proud! Ha!

But I did have an advantage, I was the only college student partaking in the competition, everyone else was over 40. Sabrina hired a DJ who played great music for the party and we all danced all over the place! The best part about it was having all my family there, especially my fantastic cousins whom I all love so much! Now I can’t wait for my newest addition, Seth Isaac Rosen. I eagerly await you my baby love!

Tony, Mommy-to-be Sabrina, Me, Max, Jannia -- My oldest cousins who I've always looked up to.

On our way home my mom insisted that we stop at a local Colombian grocery store. I do love the Latin grocery stores but it’s no fun for me; I’d rather wait to go to Colombia to get my treats, it’s more of a pleasure rather than going to a store in Florida and buying what I want. Not as cool! Anyway, I’d like to share with you what you can find may you ever venture into a Colombian grocery store…

A favorite of my mom’s, raw chicken feet. Yum!...gaaahhhh not!

Publix sells Glade Candles, here they sell Jesus Prayer candles. Each color represents luck for something different whether it may be for love, money, health, your job, anything. These are so typical it really makes me laugh.

And does anyone remember these? I haven’t seen one in years, but leave it to a south Floridian Latin store to still have one. Unfortunately, my mother refused to lend me a quarter to ride this horse -- a favorite past time of mine!

If next time you make it down to Miami, try to stop here at Havana. It may look a little run down on the outside but on the inside it's extravagant with delicious Cuban food! Plus, there’s pictures on the walls of every celebrity who has ever eaten here. Even Scarface grabbed a bite to eat here!

Si,si,si que este amor es tan profundo
Que tu eres mi consentida
Y que lo sepa todo el mundo
- Carlos Vives

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As Sharp As I Sting It Still Soothes You, Doesn't It? Like A Lick Of Ice Cream.

Where the time has gone! Shame on me for letting about 20 days go by without blogging. So let’s begin where I last left off; remember my dad’s 50th birthday? Well, it was a blast. We had all the family over and partied the night away; literally, until about 4am. I love having my family in town, we always just seem to have so much fun when it comes to talking, laughing, dancing and all of the above. EXTRA! EXTRA! Dad totally did a keg stand! But it all happened so quickly and I didn’t get a picture. Boo! However, I was able to capture a sentimental photo of Dad and his keg. I hope my dad takes this turn of century and drive over the hill for the better in his health and becoming wiser with age.

My birthday was Wednesday February 10 and let’s just say I celebrated it all week long; and, boy oh boy, was it a week to remember! On Monday night I was sitting at home when Katie came home from school and I begged her to come to Jacksonville Beach with me to watch our favorite band Hello Goodbye. Let me rewind real quick; Katie and I have been quite passionate with our love for Hello Goodbye since we were about 16, so anytime they’re in town we try to make a point to watch their show. Anyway, we go up to Jacksonville and unfortunately, we missed the band play but, we weren’t going to let that ruin our night. We decided we weren’t leaving the venue until we met those boys. You know that saying “you can do anything if you put your heart to it”? okay, easier done than said! We met our favorite boys! Not only did we just have a meet and greet, but we invited them to Monkey’s Uncle with us that night and they accepted! There were about 4 strangers at the bar and then Katie and I and the band and we had a super intimate dance party. DJ Sugar Bear spinning nothing less than the best of the 80’s and the boys of Hello Goodbye throwing nothing but the best dance moves! It was surely a night to remember. But! It doesn’t end there! Katie and I missed them so much on Tuesday morning that we decided to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale that afternoon to see them that night.

This is how you fill up on a road trip; gas station turkey sandwiches and tall boy brewskies.

Does it end there yet? Nope! Wednesday afternoon after Katie and I stocked up on empanadas and gas we were on our way back home to St. Augustine. About 10 minutes from I-4 we made a crazy decision to stop by Orlando and watch the boys play one more time while they were in Florida. They played a fantastic show where they proceeded to wish me a “Happy Birthday” on stage – I can now die happy. Although we may sound like total groupies – we’re not! We’re simply hanging out with our favorite boys!

The rest of the week was wonderful as well. Partied happy, laughed hard, danced almost too much and all was nothing short of simply marvelous. I have the greatest friends of all time and this was quite the sight for my eyes to see when I woke up Thursday morning; 99?!:

Oh wait, did I mention the time in Ft. Lauderdale when I had to pee? Yeah, real bad. So I stopped at a scary, trashy gas station – I just couldn’t hold it anymore! But hey, next time you think about not stopping at that ugly station, think twice! You could just maybe meet Flo Rida!

And to complete my week of complete silliness, please welcome, pointer hound, little Lucy to the family! What a babe!

And finally, has anyone checked out this toilet paper site? Turns out, 78% of Americans prefer their toilet paper to be over on the roll; 22% prefer under. Ew! Over all the way, people! Check out the site to see what others have to say. I’m heading to Vero Beach this Thursday and Friday with some lovely ladies and then off to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday and Sunday for my cousin’s, Sabrina, baby shower. Aawww, another cousin just for me! Check back soon for an update on this wild weekend to come.

"Kid listen, pay attention,
You dont wan't to be me.
It's safter to watch it on T.V."