Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time... It's easy.

Well, what a weekend it was! Kelli and Jeff finally share the same last name and the celebration to show was absolutely outstanding! Kel looked simply gorgeous in her dress, as well as her bridal party. She really put her ‘wedding thumb’ to work and did a fantastic job with her reception; the center pieces, lighting, music, food, guest list.

Who was my date, you ask? Only Miss Marjorie! And I must say, we must’ve been the cutest couple there (besides the bride and groom, of course)!

I believe when people find their other half in someone else that a marriage is a beautiful thing, a tough thing, but a beautiful thing. Unless you’re me, then a marriage is just not in store! It’s just something I’ve always felt and thought of. I don’t think married life is my kind of life; the stress, the struggle, the money, the growing up…the kids?! Ugh! That’s a whole other conversation. But really, even if I found someone I was happy spending loads of my time with, I wouldn’t want a wedding. I’d rather spend the $20,000+ on a bungalow in Tuscany or even a lavish trip around Europe all by train.

Bla bla bla. What’s more upsetting than spending 20 grand? The weather! Granted, the past few afternoons have been lovely. Last week? Well…last week equaled unhappiness. Not even my farm animals were content.

What happened to my REAL Florida weather?! 25?! What is that?! I guess that’s what I get for bragging about Christmas day being 75 degrees. Hmph. Did anyone notice my headband/ear warmer? Yeah, I purchased that in Switzerland when I needed something to protect my ears from being clogged with snow from diving into snow piles in the Alps. I did not purchase that here in Florida. Frankly, I wouldn’t have a clue where to even begin shopping for winter clothes.

Thank God it’s starting to warm up. What else to thank God about? Animals. Dogs in particular. You know those ASPCA commercials? Well, I cant stand to watch them just has much as the next sap next to me, but when it happens in real life – in front of your own eyes – I cant change the channel. Today I was driving home and I had just passed the World Golf Village exit going south bound on the inside lane when my eye caught something flopping around the middle of the interstate; it was a small Basset Hound. First of all, what sick bastard just hits a dog and keeps going? Secondly, how can so many hundreds of cars drive by and not one stop to care for this dog? Immediately, I pull over, go in reverse and I see the dog who is clearly still very much alive. I jumped out my car and suddenly could not control my tears, I felt so sad for this precious animal. Cars were flying past at 90 miles an hour as I took baby steps out into the road. After many honked horns and angry drivers, one kind mini van stopped her car which stopped traffic behind her and allow me to quickly run out to rescue the dog. Fortunately, I had a large beach towel in my car that I used to wrap the dog in (seeing how bloody she was) and quickly scoop her up and out of the road. I laid her in the median and called 911 who then sent Animal Rescue Control. Turns out, the dog was out with her owners on a hunting trip and she got loose. The owner of the dog ran across the road, claimed the dog and eventually called his father who then came in his truck to get the dog. Poor thing had a severely broken hind leg but everything else intact. I’m so happy I got to help little Ella!

On a lighter note, I worked my first bridal show this weekend with DeLand Entertainment and it was SO much fun! Katie was working with her mother in the Fantasy In Flowers booth. PS- if anyone needs a DJ/entertainment or flowers for an upcoming event you should know who to call! Katie and I wrapped up our whirlwind of a bridal show with a little cop-and-robber photo booth fun!

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