Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here I Am For The First Time, Look To My Right And I See The HOLLYWOOD Sign.

And so began my voyage away from Florida!

Day 1: Could I have fallen more in love with LA if I tried? I don’t think so! I spent the past weekend in California celebrating my last weekend in the States before heading to Australia and what a weekend it was! I arrived in Los Angeles where the Lovely Lisa was ever so kind as to pick me up. It was so good to see her being that it’s been quite a few years since I’ve had the pleasure.

She showed all around town including an absolutely delicious lunch with an accompanying pitcher of sangria. YUM!

We went up Santa Monica Boulevard and down to Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills felt so classic to me, I loved it! Speaking of hills, the ones in the surrounding area were so pretty! I’m just so used to seeing Flat Florida that Not-So-Flat Cali was quite refreshing. Thanks for everything, Lees! Can't wait to see you soon!

Day 2: My little taste of St. Augustine, I spent my next day with the only and only Crazy Haley! The second I saw her I had a beer in my hand; I mean, it’s only natural. Haley and her wonderful boyfriend just moved to Long Beach and they both kindly took me in for the night.

We had SO much fun! We purchased a 30 count case of Bud Light – did anybody know these even existed? I was so excited to have seen one, that I sent a picture of this world wonder to Katie. When asking what she thought of such a thing, she simply replied, “That you can drink 6 more beers without wasting extra raw material. LA is so environmentally friendly.” Such a reply could only come of this particular Flagler student.

Day 3: During the day Haley, Spencer and I took a small tour of Hollywood and Bel Air. The houses were to die for. The roads were curvy, hilly and palm trees littered the sidewalks and it was beautiful. We even saw the Hollywood sign! I have a crisp, clear photo in my brain but I couldn’t get a decent picture of it on my camera.

We then had a delicious brunch and this amazing place that I just can’t remember the name of. Either way, the Eggs Benedict was super tasty!

After our day of tourism, the fabulous couple took me to the airport and that was that. Thanks for every thing you two!

And, if there was one thing I could bring back to Florida, it would be these AMAZING burrito delivery trucks they’ve got around town! Umm, Mayor of St. Augsutine, HELLO?

So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song,
The butterflies fly away.
-Miley Cyrus

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