Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Need To Laugh, And When The Sun Is Out I've Got Something I Can Laugh About.

Appropriately, this blog should have been posted before my California blog. Unfortunately, in my midst of jet lag, I confused myself. So let’s take a moment and rewind a bit, shall we?

I woke up on the morning of the Third day in May, snuggled right up to my favorite spoon, Jenna. It was a perfect 87 degrees, no clouds with slight gusts of wind; we knew it would be a day to blog about. We dressed in our bathing suits, sun dresses, and popped right on to our bikes for a spin around town.

We weaved in and out of traffic laughing to ourselves and trying to set ourselves a nice tan while riding. At one point, Jenna looked over at me and says, “Dani, burritos?” and I say “Jenna, nothing less!” So we enjoyed our first meal of the [perfect] day here, at this quaint spot on St. George Street:

And got one of these:

Is that not the biggest burrito you’ve ever seen? Jeez, writing about this part is making me expel liquids out of my mouth and onto my keyboard. Anyway, as JP and I rode our bikes down St. George, terrorizing tourists and all, we took a few moments of loving time to play with these precious reptiles:

It was all fun and games until JENNA decided it’d be fun to take a dunk and dive into the turtle tank and get us kicked out of the turtle store! Smooth move, Exlax!

On to the next one it was, we met up with the birthday girl, AK47, and made our way over to the beach.

What a GORGEOUS day for the beach, it was! The clouds stayed away, and the sun stayed still. Having some good, clean fun and throwing a frisbee into everything but one another’s hands, we met up with some good looking studs [if I do say so myself!]:

After a nice lunch with some side brews, we started to get ready for Allison’s birthday dinner, but before, we pre-gamed at her house while waiting for all of our friends to come meet us. Since school just got our for summer, it was wonderful to see some familiar, long, lost faces. So, Kyle bought some goodies:

And coming straight from my Manneken Pis I made some treats:
Then we made our way over to the Casa Maria for a delectable dinner fit for all 17 of us. We had tacos, queso, and tequila all around the table. The Mariachi even gave Al her own little dose of Mexico, sombrero and all:

Now, how does one birthday person end any day of celebrating one of their very own? At the Dunes Cracker House of course! Would you have it any other way?

And that was my day to blog about. There is one, and ONLY one way to have ended that day:

I feel good, in a special way,
I'm in love and it's a sunny day,
Good day sunshine.
-The Beatles

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