Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And She's Off!

Hello Fabulousities! I’m actually really excited to start this whole blog thing because I feel like I have so many stories to share with everyone and never enough time to get them out. I love to travel, I live for meeting new people, I would die without my OUTSTANDING friends in my life, and the little cherry on top would be my totally insane family.
Combing all those together, I’ve had some pretty wild times. So, this blog is basically going to be documentation of silliness, friends, tequila, recklessness, trains & planes, most definitely food, loveliness, Panama Hattie’s and The Dunes Crackerhouse.
I wish I began this blog a long time ago, like my mom told to...(surprise! When is Mom ever wrong?) So, as I lie in bed wearing my Florida Gator SNUGGIE, I'll wish you good luck and happy reading! Or, more so, wish me luck? Eh, who knows?

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